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Los Angeles, CA Unity Fajr Breakfast

For more information please contact: Bro. Abur Rahim Akbar (323) 573-8250 or Bro. Zafir (323) 868-6626.

Is held every Saturday after fajr salah at different masjids in Los Angeles. The program consist of Qur'an reading circle and other activities. Breakfast is served after the conclusion of the program.

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Please Donate to L.A's new Islamic School.

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Assalamu A'laykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu. Inshallah our web site will serve as source of information for our local Muslim communities in the greater Los Angeles area. We feel that there is a lack of information within our local communities. This is why we decided to create a website that brings helpful information to our community. Information such as local events that are taking place at different mosques. We are also planning to feature our local mosques complete with pictures, video, history and detailed descriptions of functions and services. Not only do we have our local Muslim communities in mind, but our brothers and sisters who will be visiting the greater Los Angeles area. Those brothers and sisters visiting us will have an insight on what to expect by having a source of information such as Bayt ul Islam.

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Besides providing an information based website, Bayt ul Islam is honored to be involved in the effort of dawah. Part of our commitment is spreading the message of our most beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW). We have planned many events to promote the message of Islam in our community, especially, amongst the Spanish speaking communities in Los Angeles. Our future event "Jesus and Mary in the Qur'an" is designed to bring awareness to people on the Islamic perspective on two of the most beloved figures in Islam.